(Activities are booked on site)

A first "activity" that is offered first or that imposes itself at first, far from the lights and noises of the city or of "civilization":

Do nothing to get overwhelmed by nature, by the fascination of the desert

Relaxation, meditation, retreat, solitude, contemplation.

One can aloso enjoy our panoramic lounge with a home cinema (karaoke) and a snooker.

Then, afterwards, movement. With "real" activities

With quads (helmets, glasses, gloves) for:

Rallies in the wadis, climbing mounds over 30 meters high. And dozens become breathtaking

With buggies, the same things but with, in addition :

Crossing, sliding, accelerations of the 1000 cc Canam buggies, peaks at more than 120 km / h… .. For more experienced pilots or for those who want to get carried away in stronger sensations

And also, after a 25 km raid in the desert, Lake Takerkoust: an exceptional site, restaurants by the water…. And desjetskis. One more contrast. Jet ski reservations from Canyon Lodge

With the emblematic animal of the desert, the camel

Without helmets or motors, camel rides.

Here we call them camels. Even if they only have one bump! And are dromedaries.

Walk out of time or over time, the slow and languid time of the desert, and under the incandescent colors of the setting sun.

The camel driver picks you up by the pool or at the door of your room. Simple and strong sensations and, ultimately, rare. The exceptional or luxury is sometimes hidden in the details, in fleeting moments

With height

Hot air balloon flight.

All these same things, all these riches, all these contrasts, seen from the sky. Images to forever be written in memory.

And ... quite simply, with his legs

Her legs, quite simply. You just have to get down from your room in the canyon and go up for kilometers and kilometers. Images worthy of Nevada, images of westerns. Without the risk of meeting a living soul. Except maybe a fennec, the desert fox


Although in the desert, Canyon Lodge is also the starting point for excursions to the other treasures of Morocco

in one day

The clear water

  • Ourika Valley
  • Ouzoud waterfalls

The mountain

  • The village of Ismilau at the foot of Toubkal
  • Oukemaiden ski resort

The ocean

  • Essaouira. Its Portuguese fortified port, its blue medina, its beach, and kite surfing.

Activitiy prices

You can only book activities at the Hotel.

The discount on the home page doesn't apply to activities


 Camel ride :
 1 hour ride in Agafay desert.
20 € / person
Quad :
 1 hour Quad ride in Agafay desert.
45 € / person


Transfer prices

The discount on the home page doesn't apply to transfers

Transfer from Marrakech airport to Canyon Lodge 40 €
Transfer from Canyon Lodge to Marrakech airport 40 €