Lodge Nature - 32M2

Lodge Premium - 40M2

Lodge Pacha - 50M2

Sleeping in the desert, a fantastic feeling !

Multifaceted Canyon Lodge. To be good, really very good

A camp, in the traditional sense of a bivouac. The bivouac which was the halt of caravanners in their journeys through the desert. Compared to these traditional bivouacs in the southern desert, Canyon Lodge would be a Luxury Camp, a great bivouac in Marrakech.

Tents. As part of traditional bivouacs, the stops were made under tents. Canyon Lodge has retained its image and sensations. Externally, the rooms are caidal tents. These tents are little different from those of the caravan bivouacs, these caidal tents were erected for family or social events. One of the strands of Moroccan culture, to continue

However, these nights, these tents, these bivouacs erected in the desert do not necessarily mean depriving ourselves entirely of comfort elements, to which we are somewhat accustomed. Let's face it.

  • Hot water, heating, shower (and bath for the Pacha lodges).
  • Internally, the rooms of Canyon Lodge are spacious, from 32 to 50 square meters.
  • King size bed. Living room. Hotel bathrooms with double sinks in granite, shower, toilet and even dressing room for superior rooms

And in front of each room and facing the canyon overhung by the Atlas, is a very large private terrace. Much more than a simple terrace, this space is the perfect and essential intermediary between wild nature and comfort. The terrace is lived like a haven of peace where the hours pass peacefully. To hear this very special silence. To contemplate the rays of the sun, the moon, the stars. A beautiful word suitable for Canyon Lodge: contemplation

A camp, a bivouac, a 4 or 5 star hotel in the middle of the desert, a desert island "on earth", a retreat, an escape from "civilization", a luxury camp ?

Probably a bit of everything at once. At the discretion of each according to his sensitivity of the moment.

"So far away from civilisation, but so close"