A swimming pool in the desert

In a grandiose and impressive site, a very rare spot, truly out of the ordinary. In the same landscape, in the same vision, the combination of the three elements: water, desert, mountain…. and snow from December to April. A heated pool to enjoy even under the snow.

  • An infinity pool on 3 of its 4 sides
  • An overflow, with a view of the Atlas. Over 4,000 m high and only 25 km
  • An overflow, overlooking the Canyon
  • An overflow, opening onto the desert
  • A swimming pool which has been nicknamed "Infinity Pool"

Water !

Water in the middle of the desert, an astonishing contrast.

Water as suspended, above the wadi, in front of the Atlas.

A swimming pool at the edge of which it is good to bask and sunbathe. On deckchairs, in the middle of a magical and totally unusual panorama.