Pleasure for the eyes, pleasure for the ears, pleasure for the skin….. And also, pleasure for the palate

Moroccan gastronomy is ranked third in the world. After French and Chinese gastronomy.

And that is not usurped. An exquisite art of mixing flavors, a mastery of spices and condiments (almost a hundred!) And the purity of simplicity. A concentrate of Berber culture, accumulated over the centuries.

The two Canyon Lodge cookers, Aïcha and Khadija, are the contemporary melting pot of this tradition. No pretensions at home. Simply their truth, their sensitivity, their DNA. Which become art and expertise. Do not miss. Sensations that remain in the memory of our guests.

They show that the expression "Moroccan cuisine" is a bit simplistic. Moroccan gastronomy befits better.

Pleasure for the palate.

A pleasure that should be exacerbated. By the timeless atmosphere of the restaurant, its terraces in the middle of the desert, by the mild evenings, by the spectacle of the stars, by the fire of torches, by the sparkling of candles.

And music ...

Enchanting chants of oriental music. Up to the stronger gnaoua rhythms. The palette is immense.  A great diversity in the deep Moroccan cultures and musical traditions…. Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana are not deceived by coming for months, years to enrich themselves in contact with Moroccan music.